Episode 13 -5 Top Telugu movies of 2018

2018 has been a great year for Telugu cinema. It has seen new age movies becoming successful with audience embracing this change. This year Tollywood has witnessed highly talented debut directors like Rahul Sankrityan of Taxiwala or Maha Venkatesh of Care of Kancharapalem. In this episode Chaitu and Sandy made a list of Top 5 Telugu movies of 2018 in the following four categories: 5 Worst movies, 5 underrated movies, 5 overrated movies and 5 best movies. These are purely personal opinions of our hosts and not a collective opinion of the general audience.


  1. Tarun says:

    Underrated movies category was flawed. Chalo and Goodachari were very much successful at the box office especially Chalo collecting about 250% of the investment and Goodachari collecting about 10 cr.
    Instead “Awe” and “Chi La Sow” deserved to make the list.
    And Bhaagamathie in the top list was a joke. It was in fact overrated.


    1. As mentioned in our episode, we are not reviewers nor critics. Purely our opinion about what we thought šŸ™‚
      Indeed we havent watched Chi La Sow and heard it was very good.


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