057 – World War 2

In this episode we discuss about the events that led towards the second World War and the major highlights of the war. Who started it, Who were involved, Who won it, Who lost it?

053 – Dokka Seethamma

Dokka Seethamma – She is an unsung hero who hails from Andhra Pradesh and had spent her most of her life serving food for poor people and travellers. In this episode let us learn about who she is and how come her photograph is still in a museum in England.

051 – Dyatlov Pass

We thought why should we release our 50th episode right after the 49th one. So we are here with our 51st episode. This time its on one of the top mysterious incidents that had ever happened – Dyatlov Pass. An incident which took place in 1959 where 9 students who went for skiing in Ural mountains in Russia turned up dead in weird circumstances. Until today it remains a mystery.

049 – Raju Peethala from Cricbuzz

Raju Peethala from Cricbuzz joins us to discuss about how online Cricket commentary works. Raju also co-hosts a sports podcast called Cricket Nagaram along with his friend Rahul. Sandy and Chaitu had so many interesting questions about the commentary and inside facts which were never explored before.

048 – Greatest inventions

Greatest inventions ever are discussed in this episode. Chaitu and Sandy talk about the things they feel are the most helpful inventions in their lives. Things like USB cable and a pressure cooker are also considered as their best inventions.