Looking for a guest speaker from Japan

Update: We have got great response from the people of Japan and we are not looking for new ones anymore. Thanks for your interest.

We are very aware that Baahubali conquered the hearts of Japanese people. And we would love to understand why, how, what are the factors that made Japan fall in love with the world of Baahubali or Bahubari as you call it.

So we invite any native Japanese fans who would love to talk with us regarding your experience of Baahubali.

All we need is the following from you:

  1. We respect your time, so we need just 1 hour of your time
  2. A very minimum basic English to communicate with us
  3. A very good mic connected to laptop or computer (Preferably not mobile phone)
  4. Skype
  5. Audacity software on your local computer (It is a very lightweight software)

If you are okay to collaborate with us, let us know we can plan the meeting over Skype.

Email us at : thetollywoodproject@gmail.com

Tweet us at : @TeluguPodcast

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