Episode 6

The continuation of our previous episode on the BiggBoss Telugu season 2. Our special guests share many interesting things in this part 2 including the rise of Kaushal Army, why do many girls hate Kaushal, which contestant has profited from this season, which contestant got affected negatively with this show, how fair is the voting process, Is Actor Nani a better host, who would be the host for the next season.

A small tidbit on our upcoming surprise episode.

Episode 5

As promised in the last episode, we are back with a special episode on BiggBoss Telugu. This time it is not just our regular hosts but there are three guests(rather we prefer calling them as friends)who are joining us to discuss the second season of this trending show. Prashy, Phani and Sai are here with us and they get into the skin of the show to explain what is happening around in this house of tremors. It is just the part 1 of our episode and there is more about the phenomenon of Kaushal Army in the part 2.


Looking for a guest speaker from Japan

Update: We have got great response from the people of Japan and we are not looking for new ones anymore. Thanks for your interest.

We are very aware that Baahubali conquered the hearts of Japanese people. And we would love to understand why, how, what are the factors that made Japan fall in love with the world of Baahubali or Bahubari as you call it.

So we invite any native Japanese fans who would love to talk with us regarding your experience of Baahubali.

All we need is the following from you:

  1. We respect your time, so we need just 1 hour of your time
  2. A very minimum basic English to communicate with us
  3. A very good mic connected to laptop or computer (Preferably not mobile phone)
  4. Skype
  5. Audacity software on your local computer (It is a very lightweight software)

If you are okay to collaborate with us, let us know we can plan the meeting over Skype.

Email us at : thetollywoodproject@gmail.com

Tweet us at : @TeluguPodcast

Episode 4

In this episode our host Chaitu dissects the latest movie “Care of Kancharapalem” . What is good and not so good about this gem of a movie. Also our hosts share a lighter moment on the popular troll FASAK.

They also get into some serious discussion about the recent Telangana assembly dissolution. And some tidbits about few upcoming interesting episodes.


Episode 2

As usual Chaitu and Sandy have many topics to discuss in this episode. They are devastated by the affect of floods in Kerala. So they talk about the help being offered by Tollywood celebrities and how Actor Navdeep has become a helping hand in crisis situations.

They dive into discussing the movie of the week “Geetha Govindam”. What is good and what is bad? Why Rahul Ramakrishna is such a revelation in telugu cinema.How did the Star power of Vijay Deverakonda helped this movie?

Sandy has mixed feelings on the teaser of Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy and let us listen to what wondered and bothered him about the teaser.

Chaitu is excited about a movie that is based on a place from his hometown Vizag. C/o Kancherapalem a new age telugu movie which is going to release on September 7th. Listen to him about what he got to say about it!