039 – Our favorite gadgets and tech

An episode on a suggestion from our listener. About our favorite gadgets and tech that we use in our daily lives. Chaitu and Sandy start off this episode with a heated argument over Android and iPhone mobiles

037 – Train journeys

We take a trip down our memory lane of our train journeys in our childhood. In this episode we discuss about our favourite express trains, phobias while travelling, the food we come across and many more nostalgic memories.

036 – Tribute to Dhoni (featuring Point Entante)

A historical moment in Telugu podcasts, two podcasts come together in this episode to give tribute to M S Dhoni. We speak with Likhith and Avinash from ‘Point Entante’ podcast. We take a trip down memory lane to recollect our first impressions of Dhoni, his best moments, the immense fanism in Tamil Nadu, his bad moments as a cricketer.

032 – Elon Musk – Part 1

First part of this two part series on Elon Musk. In this first part we discuss about his childhood and how he became what he is today. Also on SpaceX, Musk’s obsession over getting to Mars and his company Tesla.

031 – Endhuku Emiti Ela

The topic of this episode is a result of the after effects of being held up at home because of the lockdown. Chaitu and Sandy discuss about some curious things they came across for which they couldnt find answers to it. Endhuku Emiti Ela?

The Tollywood Project [Telugu] · 031 – Endhuku Emiti Ela