049 – Raju Peethala from Cricbuzz

Raju Peethala from Cricbuzz joins us to discuss about how online Cricket commentary works. Raju also co-hosts a sports podcast called Cricket Nagaram along with his friend Rahul. Sandy and Chaitu had so many interesting questions about the commentary and inside facts which were never explored before.

048 – Greatest inventions

Greatest inventions ever are discussed in this episode. Chaitu and Sandy talk about the things they feel are the most helpful inventions in their lives. Things like USB cable and a pressure cooker are also considered as their best inventions.

045 – Vakeel Saab

An impromptu episode that is recorded immediately after the pre-release event of Pawan Kalyan's Vakeel Saab movie. We discussed our reactions looking at the trailer and then the expectations on how this movie could be

040 – 3 Top Telugu movies of 2020

It is time of the year again where we share our 3 top telugu movies in the following categories – Best and Worst. With the pandemic around us, there are not many Telugu movies released this year but still we managed to pick 3 movies in the best and worst categories