057 – World War 2

In this episode we discuss about the events that led towards the second World War and the major highlights of the war. Who started it, Who were involved, Who won it, Who lost it?

048 – Greatest inventions

Greatest inventions ever are discussed in this episode. Chaitu and Sandy talk about the things they feel are the most helpful inventions in their lives. Things like USB cable and a pressure cooker are also considered as their best inventions.

036 – Tribute to Dhoni (featuring Point Entante)

A historical moment in Telugu podcasts, two podcasts come together in this episode to give tribute to M S Dhoni. We speak with Likhith and Avinash from ‘Point Entante’ podcast. We take a trip down memory lane to recollect our first impressions of Dhoni, his best moments, the immense fanism in Tamil Nadu, his bad moments as a cricketer.